Fade of the Polaroid: Towards a Political Ontology of the 70s | Andrew Pendakis
Preface | Nathan Holmes
“An Escape into Reality”: Computers, Special Effects, and the Haunting Optics of Westworld (1973) | Colin Williamson
Predictive Landscapes | K. R. Cornett
Archaeology of the (1970s) Commune: Notes Towards an Old/New Ontology of Students: A Conversation between Fraser McCallum and Andrew Pendakis | Andrew Pendakis, Fraser McCallum
Killer POV: First-Person Camera and Sympathetic Identification in Modern Horror | Adam Charles Hart
Deep Backgrounds: Landscapes of Labor in All the President’s Men | Nathan Holmes
Image and Discursive Landscape: Roaming the Land Art of the American Southwest | Kaitlin Pomerantz
Strange Vices: Transgression and the Production of Difference in the Giallo | Seb Roberts



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Featured Image: The Post newsroom set for All the President’s Men

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