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Introduction: Fashion Media cultures

Kat­ri­na Sark

This spe­cial issue on Fash­ion Cul­ture and Media is the first dig­i­tal col­lec­tion of schol­ar­ship and artis­tic con­tri­bu­tions by the mem­bers of the Cana­di­an Fash­ion Schol­ars Net­work. In my con­tri­bu­tion to this issue I detail the his­to­ry and objec­tives of this net­work, while the oth­er arti­cles address the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of fash­ion across a vari­ety of media—from hock­ey broad­casts to comics, nov­els to adver­tis­ing cam­paigns, and films to urban imag­i­nar­ies—, and engage crit­i­cal­ly with var­i­ous con­struc­tions of fash­ion cul­tures. My co-edi­tor Ele­na Siemens and I decid­ed to focus on both fash­ion media and fash­ion cul­tures for this issue because they are inex­tri­ca­bly linked, as the schol­ar­ly and artis­tic con­tri­bu­tions to this vol­ume demon­strate. The network’s goal is to fos­ter a stronger com­mu­ni­ty of fash­ion schol­ars and to expand the dis­ci­pline of Fash­ion Stud­ies across Cana­da. I believe that crit­i­cal engage­ment with fash­ion media and fash­ion cul­tures is still large­ly under­rep­re­sent­ed in Cana­di­an Fash­ion Stud­ies and would like, through this vol­ume and oth­er activ­i­ties of the net­work, to fos­ter and expand these fields of inquiry.

Fig­ure 1 Mon­tre­al Fash­ion Week, 2010, pho­to by K. Sark