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Introduction: Fashion Media cultures

Katrina Sark

This special issue on Fashion Culture and Media is the first digital collection of scholarship and artistic contributions by the members of the Canadian Fashion Scholars Network. In my contribution to this issue I detail the history and objectives of this network, while the other articles address the representation of fashion across a variety of media—from hockey broadcasts to comics, novels to advertising campaigns, and films to urban imaginaries—, and engage critically with various constructions of fashion cultures. My co-editor Elena Siemens and I decided to focus on both fashion media and fashion cultures for this issue because they are inextricably linked, as the scholarly and artistic contributions to this volume demonstrate. The network’s goal is to foster a stronger community of fashion scholars and to expand the discipline of Fashion Studies across Canada. I believe that critical engagement with fashion media and fashion cultures is still largely underrepresented in Canadian Fashion Studies and would like, through this volume and other activities of the network, to foster and expand these fields of inquiry.

Figure 1 Montreal Fashion Week, 2010, photo by K. Sark