Intro­duc­tion: Fash­ion Media Cul­tures | Kat­ri­na Sark

The Cana­di­an Fash­ion Schol­ars Net­work | Kat­ri­na Sark

The Ruby Slip­pers Across Time, Space and Media | Ele­na Siemens

Read­ing Glam­our in Phyl­lis Brett Young’s The Toron­to­ni­ans | Kathryn Franklin

A Clean Sharp Image: Don Cherry’s Suits as Sar­to­r­i­al State­ments | Julia Petrov

Won­der Woman’s Cos­tume as a Site for Fem­i­nist Debate | Jaclyn Marcus

Where the Boys Who Keep Swing­ing Are Now: Loca­tion­al Rela­tion­al­i­ty in Hedi Sli­mane and Hel­mut Lang | Susan Ingram

Suzi Web­ster Inter­viewed by Kat­ri­na Sark

Suzi Web­ster Portfolio

Faux Real | Jill Harbin


Guest Edi­tors: Kat­ri­na Sark and Ele­na Siemens
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