On the Mediality of Two Towers: Calgary—Toronto | Ira Wagman and Liam Cole Young

Terraformings | Vincent Bruyere

Identity without Similarity: The Relation between the Individual and Her Picture | Maja Tabea Jerrentrup

“Sharp Sybaritic” Retrofuturistic Deco Realism: Some Preliminary Notes on the 1980s Airbrush Art | Ursula-Helen Kassaveti

Dis/Corporatization: The Biopolitics of Prosthetic Lives and Posthuman Trauma in Ghost in the Shell Films | Donna T. Tong

A Different Pitch: Listening to Water Through Contemporary Art in a Time of Extraction | Ruth Beer and Caitlin Chaisson

Remembering Paris 1968: Fashion Theatre of Protest | Elena Siemens

Liberating Bicycles in Niki Caro’s Whale Rider and in Haifaa Al Mansour’s Wadjda | Doris Hambuch

Being from a Bad Neighbourhood: Confronting Bad Decision Discourses in the Impoverished Inner City | Laura Bisaillon, Mehdia Hassan, and Maryam Hassan

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