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Reclaiming Breast

Author: Anique Ellis
Co-author: Josephine Baker

The body, the breast is powerful, not to be restricted, constricted, not to be defined by shape, size, prominence, or the choice to nurture or not. Breast! A part of the woman’s body not the woman. Forget the politics of the push bra. Victoria’s real secret is; a man’s erotic desires projected upon women with unrealistic body and breast ideals and expectations.

Let my breast be, just that, Breast, no push-up, or cleavage pressure. I am not my breast and my breasts are not me. Creation story does not say, “In the beginning God created… the breast.” God created a woman with breast. Evolution does not say there was a big bang and the breast came forth, nor does it say the breast evolved. My breasts are mine, not me. They are a part of me not my whole. I am a woman with breast, not a breast with woman. My brain thinks not my breast, my heart beats not my breast, my feet walk not my breast, my hands create not my breast.

To patriarchy; MY breasts are not perfectly symmetrical, apple shaped or prominent, nor will they ever be. Pear shaped, enlarged, chest breasts are breast, not meant for you to police, commercialize, politicize, eroticize, or fetishize. My breast does not define me, so don’t define my value, femininity, or worth with my breast. Let me decide how my breasts should be treated or why they look the way they do. My breast, my choice, my way.