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Reclaiming Breast

Author: Anique Ellis
Co-author: Josephine Baker

The body, the breast is pow­er­ful, not to be restrict­ed, con­strict­ed, not to be defined by shape, size, promi­nence, or the choice to nur­ture or not. Breast! A part of the woman’s body not the woman. For­get the pol­i­tics of the push bra. Victoria’s real secret is; a man’s erot­ic desires pro­ject­ed upon women with unre­al­is­tic body and breast ideals and expectations.

Let my breast be, just that, Breast, no push-up, or cleav­age pres­sure. I am not my breast and my breasts are not me. Cre­ation sto­ry does not say, “In the begin­ning God cre­at­ed… the breast.” God cre­at­ed a woman with breast. Evo­lu­tion does not say there was a big bang and the breast came forth, nor does it say the breast evolved. My breasts are mine, not me. They are a part of me not my whole. I am a woman with breast, not a breast with woman. My brain thinks not my breast, my heart beats not my breast, my feet walk not my breast, my hands cre­ate not my breast.

To patri­archy; MY breasts are not per­fect­ly sym­met­ri­cal, apple shaped or promi­nent, nor will they ever be. Pear shaped, enlarged, chest breasts are breast, not meant for you to police, com­mer­cial­ize, politi­cize, eroti­cize, or fetishize. My breast does not define me, so don’t define my val­ue, fem­i­nin­i­ty, or worth with my breast. Let me decide how my breasts should be treat­ed or why they look the way they do. My breast, my choice, my way.