Introduction | Natalie Loveless

Reports and Dialogues

Reflecting on the Genesis and Realization of Design for a Dissemunization Station | Patrick Mahon, Annemarie Hou

VacZineNations!, a Critical Dialogue | Rachelle Viader Knowles, Mkritch Tonoyan, Patrick Mahon, John Hammersley, Lisa Webb

Discussing The Anatomy Table and The Vaccination Picture | Sean Caulfield, Timothy Caulfield, Johan Holst

Conversations on Art–Science Collaboration and Vaccine-Hesitancy | Kaisu Koski, Johan Holst

Memories and Records: Thoughts on The Vaccine Archive | Vicki Sung-yeon Kwon, Lathika Sritharan

Shadowpox: The Antibody Politic – Thoughts and Reflections | Alison Humphrey, Caitlin Fisher, Steven J Hoffman

Upstream the Cold Chain | Jesper Alvaer

Reflections and Essays

Overview of Key Legal, Political, and Social Challenges Facing Global Vaccination Efforts | Nicola Sahar, Olivia Lee, Steven J. Hoffman, Lathika Sritharan

Imagining Co-Immunity in Shadowpox: The Antibody Politic | Alison Humphrey

Can Art Influence Global Health Policy? | Patrick Fafard

VacZineNations! as Practice-Led Research | Rachelle Viader Knowles

Learning from the Role of Art in Political Advocacy on HIV/AIDS | Steven J. Hoffman, Annemarie Hou, Annie Jones, Julia Woo

How Fear Is Disseminated—Memories and Records: The Vaccine Archive | Vicki Sung-yeon Kwon

Contributor Bios

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Image Credit: Kaisu Koski, Injection Simulator (2015)
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