Massive/Micro Sensemaking: Towards Post-Pandemic Futures | Mary Elizabeth Luka, Annette N Markham, Dan Harris

A Patchworking Process: Coming Together under Pandemic Conditions for Collaborative, Caring Scholarship | Rebecca Carlson, Polina Golovátina-Mora, Corinna Peterken, Kim Snepvangers, Anne Soronen, Karoliina Talvitie-Lamberg

Interlude I

Walking, Staying In, and Making Sense: Quilting with Pandemic Matter | Corinna Peterken

Rendering Self and Microagressions Visible Through the Shadow Image | Kim Snepvangers

Making Sense of Noise – A Symphony for Voices | Mary-Rose McLaren

Resilience in Pandemic Sensemaking: Thinking Through a Community of Practice | Mary Elizabeth Luka

Interlude II

(Imagining) Science for Troubled Times: A Mouse, a Bird, and a Threshold for Collaboration | Rebecca Carlson

The Notifiction: How Push Notifications from Neighbourhood Surveillance Apps Can Create an Alternative Narrative of Place | Andy Fischer Wright

‘Selfies’ Under Quarantine: Exploring Networked Emotions in the Time of ‘Social Distancing’ | Donatella Della Ratta

Making Sense of What We Can’t See: A Visual Retrospective of COVID-19 | Annette N Markham

Interlude III

Un/thinking with Thread/s: Needling Through Boundaries Related to COVID-19 and Medical Training | Veronica Mitchell

Listening to and Living With Networked Media During a Pandemic | Anna Soronen, Karoliina Talvitie-Lamberg

Skipping on the Grains of Multiverses Towards a Portal: World-Building Experience | Polina Golovátina-Mora

Standalone article

Satoh’s Dance of Angels as a Dramaturgical Discourse Seeking and Doubting the Young Generation’s Revolution | Darko Suvin

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