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Inter­lude I Inter­lude I

Interlude I

Figure 2: Matter. Corinna Peterken.
What mat­ters?
What mat­ter provokes?
Prompt­ing black­ness of mood. Lines of stitch­ing to encase and point out Black Lives Matter.
The petals, dried from flow­ers I col­lect­ed are encased by black net­ting. Fab­ric for a
fash­ion­able dress is also a cage.
Mat­ter and con­cern have us gath­er­ing, lis­ten­ing, reflect­ing, being-with grass, sky, trees, air
with pos­si­bil­i­ties sin­is­ter and wel­com­ing as bod­ies young and old­er com­mune, sing. Words and
expe­ri­ences are giv­en and received. Peace is not nec­es­sar­i­ly peaceful.

Corin­na Peterken

Image Notes

Fig­ure 1: Mat­ter. Per­mis­sion of Corin­na Peterken.