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Inter­lude II Inter­lude II

Interlude II

Figure 3: Pandemic bubbles. Corinna Peterken.

A bub­ble to pro­tect me. Bub­bles like those I have used so many times with young children
who want to be home and not at school or preschool.
Fab­ric, crys­tal organ­za left over from my youngest daugh­ters’ debu­tante ball dress, becomes bubbles.
I cut cir­cles to merge and emerge with the red fab­ric back­ground. The fab­ric moves me.
I cut gen­tly, pin the bub­bles to the vibrant red, red for dan­ger, and notice that soap com­forts and
bub­bles protect.

Corin­na Peterken

Image Notes

Fig­ure 1: Pan­dem­ic bub­bles. Per­mis­sion of Corin­na Peterken.