Editorial Introduction | Brent Bellamy

Introduction to Critical and Creative Engagements with Petro-Media | Emily Roehl, Rachel Webb Jekanowski

Oil-Sponsored Exhibitions and Canada’s Extractive Politics of Cultural Production | Camille-Mary Sharp

Oil Topography: Weaving the World of Oil | Tomas Borsa, Ruth Beer

Excerpts of The Tome of Light | Elia Vargas

Founding Fathers (in a Tailings Pond) | Melanie Dennis Unrau

Excavating CBC’s Docudrama The Tar Sands | Patrick McCurdy

Isotopic Poetics: The Petrocultural Appropriations of Lesley Battler’s Endangered Hydrocarbons | Max Karpinski

Maker’s Statement:
“Crude Futures” / “After the Amplify Energy Oil Spill”
| Kristin George Bagdanov

Petro-landscapes and Political Imagination: Interview with Steve Rowell | Emily Roehl, Steve Rowell


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Guest Editors: Emily Roehl, Rachel Webb Jekanowski

Editor-in-Chief: Markus Reisenleitner
Managing Editor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
English Substantive and Copy Editor: Lee Campbell
French Translator and Editor: Gwladys Bertin, Dominique Laurent
Web & PDF Layout and Design: Markus Reisenleitner

Image Credit: Ruth Beer