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Editorial Introduction Brent Bellamy

Editorial Introduction

Brent Bellamy

Ten years ago, Sheena Wilson and Andrew Pendakis edited volume 3 number 2 “Sighting Oil,” the fourth full issue of Imaginations. Andriko Lozowy’s cover image of a massive digger wheel still arrests me. The issue includes stand out pieces by Ursula Biemann, Warren Cariou, Tracy Lassiter, the late Jonathan Gordon, and many others. This was the issue led me to the journal.

I joined the team at Imaginations in Fall 2014. I began working with Sheena Wilson as the Editor-in-Chief. That Fall, the journal won an Aid to Scholarly Journals Grant and began the ongoing work of making Imaginations accessible, digitally up to date, and properly catalogued. At the same time, we published “,” “North by West,” and “Critical Relationality: Beyond Settler Sex & Nature” among others.

Since 2017, the journal has moved from Edmonton to Toronto. We now operate under the direction of Markus Reisenleitner and have welcomed some fantastic colleagues to our team. Sheena Wilson, Carrie Smith, and Tara Milbrandt have since stepped away from the editorial team, and we at the journal want to thank them wholeheartedly for making Imaginations what is it today: a leader in gold standard open-access publishing and staunch supporter of critical voices, emerging and global, on visual cultural studies.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we published two health related issues: one edited by Mary Elizabeth Luka, Annette M. Markham, and Dan Harris titled, Massive Micro Sensemaking and the other by Natalie Loveless titled, Immune Nations: Research Creation at the Intersection of Vaccine Science and Global Health Policy.

We have several exciting issues in process: we’ll soon be reading three upcoming issues:

  • Photographs of Migration and Migration of Photographs
  • Vibrant Matters: Materiality across Media, Literature, and Theory
  • Contemporary Critical Theory and Decolonial Visual Praxis: Exploring Resistance Narratives and Colonial Hegemonies in the Pandemic

But, now to the matter at hand! We now proudly present volume 13 number 1, “Critical and Creative Engagements with Petromedia” edited by Rachel Webb Jekanowski and Emily Roehl. It marks a milestone for the journal as we now have an archive of 25 issues and the ten-year anniversary of “Sighting Oil.” With the latest Intragovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently concluding and the remarkable call for policy change by the 278 authors in the Sixth Assessment report, we believe this issue is neither early nor late. We hope it serve to develop your understanding of the fossil regime in a moment when that knowledge might serve us best. Read on, dear readers, read on!