Representing and Reframing Migration | Maria-Carolina Cambre, Asko Lehmuskallio

The Photographer Photographed: A Conversation with Jean Mohr | Reuben Connolly Ross

Migrant Portraiture and Life Imaging in Fazal Sheikh’s Photodocumentaries | Birgit Mersmann

Gender and Migration: Resisting with a Camera. A Researcher to Researcher Experience | Yolanda Hernández-Albújar, Adriana Ciccaglione

A Key to Home: Illuminating the Role of the SIM Card in Refugee Resettlement | Liz Hingley

(Dis)Affect, Photography, Place | Patricia Prieto-Blanco

The Wall and the Politics of Exclusion and Inclusion at Baja California Borderlands: A Pictorial Journey | Ángel Iglesias Ortiz

Spaces of Empathy: Visual Strategies in Photojournalistic Imagery of Migration | Maria Nilsson

Guided Into a World Unknown: Reflections on the Making of a Visual Essay With Refugees | Shirley van der Maarel

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Image Credit: Fazal Sheikh’s presentation of a portrait shown to him in 1997 at an Afghan refugee village in Ghazi, Northern Pakistan, of a child killed in Soviet bombardment © Fazal Sheikh