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Moving Image Artist Midi Onodera’s Vidoodles

Guest artist Midi Onodera has contributed three Vidoodles – video shorts designed for miniature cinema – to this inaugural issue of Imaginations. Here are her reflections on the pieces she has contributed:

For the inaugural issue of Imaginations I created three Vidoodles ideally for consumption on a handheld portable device.

Animal Crossing Underground

Blame Warhol

If Wishes Came True

These shorts are designed for an audience on the go rather than a stationary viewer inside a dark theatre. For many urban dwellers much of one’s daily life focuses on traveling from one place to another. Most of the time, we’re too occupied with our own thoughts, conversations and distractions to take in our surroundings. Everything simply seems to blend together into a meaningless landscape of advertisements, continuous building construction, potholes and other pedestrians.

These video shorts are an attempt to pull the urban street life into sharp focus and apply context and meaning to the blurry sensations swirling around like city jettison. Animal Crossing Underground and Blame Warhol represent typical Manhattan street life: the former, a staccato MTA subway ride and the latter, the overwhelming visual assault of Times Square. If Wishes Came True was filmed in Toronto, in front of the Art Gallery of Ontario during the recent King Tut exhibition. All three shorts were shot with amateur formats ranging from an iPhone to a “point and shoot” digital camera. I chose to work in these formats because of their ease of use and raw aesthetic. I am interested in peeling back another layer in our lives, showcasing scenes that we might overlook and defining the intangible.

-Midi Onodera

If you are interested in further information about these Vidoodles, please read the interview-dialogue between the artist in this same volume of Imaginations.  For further details on Midi Onodera and her body of work, consult her website(http://​www​.midionodera​.com), her filmography, or contact her here.  A DVD collection of her work from 1981 -2008 is also available is available for purchase through Art Metropole. Her films and videos can be rented from the CFMDC or V tape.

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