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Moving Image Artist Midi Onodera’s Vidoodles

Guest artist Midi Onodera has con­tributed three Vidoo­dles – video shorts designed for minia­ture cin­e­ma – to this inau­gur­al issue of Imag­i­na­tions. Here are her reflec­tions on the pieces she has contributed:

For the inau­gur­al issue of Imag­i­na­tions I cre­at­ed three Vidoo­dles ide­al­ly for con­sump­tion on a hand­held portable device.

Ani­mal Cross­ing Underground

Blame Warhol

If Wish­es Came True

These shorts are designed for an audi­ence on the go rather than a sta­tion­ary view­er inside a dark the­atre. For many urban dwellers much of one’s dai­ly life focus­es on trav­el­ing from one place to anoth­er. Most of the time, we’re too occu­pied with our own thoughts, con­ver­sa­tions and dis­trac­tions to take in our sur­round­ings. Every­thing sim­ply seems to blend togeth­er into a mean­ing­less land­scape of adver­tise­ments, con­tin­u­ous build­ing con­struc­tion, pot­holes and oth­er pedestrians.

These video shorts are an attempt to pull the urban street life into sharp focus and apply con­text and mean­ing to the blur­ry sen­sa­tions swirling around like city jet­ti­son. Ani­mal Cross­ing Under­ground and Blame Warhol rep­re­sent typ­i­cal Man­hat­tan street life: the for­mer, a stac­ca­to MTA sub­way ride and the lat­ter, the over­whelm­ing visu­al assault of Times Square. If Wish­es Came True was filmed in Toron­to, in front of the Art Gallery of Ontario dur­ing the recent King Tut exhi­bi­tion. All three shorts were shot with ama­teur for­mats rang­ing from an iPhone to a “point and shoot” dig­i­tal cam­era. I chose to work in these for­mats because of their ease of use and raw aes­thet­ic. I am inter­est­ed in peel­ing back anoth­er lay­er in our lives, show­cas­ing scenes that we might over­look and defin­ing the intangible.

-Midi Onodera

If you are inter­est­ed in fur­ther infor­ma­tion about these Vidoo­dles, please read the inter­view-dia­logue between the artist in this same vol­ume of Imag­i­na­tions.  For fur­ther details on Midi Onodera and her body of work, con­sult her web­site(http://​www​.mid​ion​odera​.com), her fil­mog­ra­phy, or con­tact her here.  A DVD col­lec­tion of her work from 1981 -2008 is also avail­able is avail­able for pur­chase through Art Metro­pole. Her films and videos can be rent­ed from the CFMDC or V tape.

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