Andriko Lozowy and Kyler Zeleny

Introducing North By West

Andriko Lozowy


Now and Then
Elizabeth Cavaliere (images | words)

Placing Nostalgia
Saltzman and Zink (images)
Jon Petrychyn(words)

Fragments of Desire
Trudi Lynn Smith (images)
Karen Engle (words)

Leaving to Return
Thomas Gardiner (images)
Kyler Zeleny (words)


Wood Grain Elevators
Ali Piwowar (images | words)

The Road to Here
Eamon MacMahon (images)
Mike Granzow and Kevin Jones (words)

Recalibrating Intimacy
Elyse Bouvier (images)
Lily Cho (words)

Seeing Saskatchewan
John Conway (images | words)

Photography as Theory in Action
George Webber (images)
Matt Dyce (words)


Border Lines and Crossing Points
Andreas Rutkauskas (images)
Karla McManus (words)

DisAppearances on a Highway
Erin Ashenhurst (images | words)

Seen and Imagined
Douglas Harper and Tara Milbrandt (images | words)

Poke you in the Heart
Nadia Bouchier and Aaron Elkaim (images)
Jenny Gerbrandt (words)

Studies on How to View a Landscape
Jessica Auer (images | words)

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