The Visuality of Scenes: Urban Cultures and Visual Scenescapes /
La visualité des scènes : Cultures urbaines et formes visuelles des paysages scéniques (translation/traduction : Jonathan Rouleau)
Nathalie Casemajor and Will Straw

Nuit Debout:
Première Approche du Régime de Visualité d’une Scène Nocturne

Luc Gwiazdzinski

Every (Nocturnal) Scene Leaves a Trace:
The Nighttime Landscape of Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

Jonathan Rouleau

The Performance of the Austin Indie Scene in Slacker:
From the Body of a Scene to the Body of a Generation

Maria Teresa Soldani

Homogenizing the City/Re-classifying the Street:
Tommy Ton’s Street Style Fashion Show Photographs

Rebecca Halliday

Around the X:
Reflections on Straight Edge, Visuality, and Identity Boundaries

Jhessica Reia

The Scene and the Unseen:
Mapping the (Affective) Rhythms of Wellington and Copenhagen

Katie Rochow and Geoff Stahl

Identity and Scene:
Alterity and Authenticity in Taxicab Confessions

Steven W. Schoen

Toronto’s Nuit Blanche:
Site-specificity, Spectacle, and Spectatorship

Kathryn Yuen

Imaginaries in Contemporary Aesthetics
Armando Silva
Translated by Geraldine Barandiaran

Cultura Sonidera: Interview with Livia Radwanski
Livia Radwanski, Nathalie Casemajor, and Will Straw

Stand-Alone Article

Time Frames:
Graphic Narrative and Historiography in Richard McGuire’s
Laura Moncion

Contributor Bios

Guest Editors: Nathalie Casemajor and Will Straw
Editor-in-Chief: Sheena Wilson
Managing Editor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
English Substantive and Copy Editor: Shama Rangwala
French Translator and Copy Editor: Ève Robidoux-Descary
Web Editor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
PDF Layout and Design: John Montague
Translator (Spanish): Geraldine Barandiaran
Featured Image: Sonido Momis Music from San Miguel Teca neighborhood setting up audio and lighting for the Martin Carrera neighborhood annual carnival. Martin Carrera, Mexico City. February, 2015.

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