The Visu­al­i­ty of Scenes: Urban Cul­tures and Visu­al Sce­nescapes /
La visu­al­ité des scènes : Cul­tures urbaines et formes visuelles des paysages scéniques (translation/traduction : Jonathan Rouleau)
Nathalie Case­ma­jor and Will Straw

Nuit Debout:
Pre­mière Approche du Régime de Visu­al­ité d’une Scène Noc­turne

Luc Gwiazdzin­s­ki

Every (Noc­tur­nal) Scene Leaves a Trace:
The Night­time Land­scape of Ciu­tat Vel­la, Barcelona

Jonathan Rouleau

The Per­for­mance of the Austin Indie Scene in Slack­er:
From the Body of a Scene to the Body of a Gen­er­a­tion

Maria Tere­sa Sol­dani

Homog­e­niz­ing the City/Re-clas­si­fy­ing the Street:
Tom­my Ton’s Street Style Fash­ion Show Pho­tographs

Rebec­ca Hal­l­i­day

Around the X:
Reflec­tions on Straight Edge, Visu­al­i­ty, and Iden­ti­ty Bound­aries

Jhes­si­ca Reia

The Scene and the Unseen:
Map­ping the (Affec­tive) Rhythms of Welling­ton and Copen­hagen

Katie Rochow and Geoff Stahl

Iden­ti­ty and Scene:
Alter­i­ty and Authen­tic­i­ty in Taxi­cab Con­fes­sions

Steven W. Schoen

Toronto’s Nuit Blanche:
Site-speci­fici­ty, Spec­ta­cle, and Spec­ta­tor­ship

Kathryn Yuen

Imag­i­nar­ies in Con­tem­po­rary Aes­thet­ics
Arman­do Sil­va
Trans­lat­ed by Geral­dine Baran­di­aran

Cul­tura Sonidera: Inter­view with Livia Rad­wan­s­ki
Livia Rad­wan­s­ki, Nathalie Case­ma­jor, and Will Straw

Stand-Alone Article

Time Frames:
Graph­ic Nar­ra­tive and His­to­ri­og­ra­phy in Richard McGuire’s
Lau­ra Mon­cion

Con­trib­u­tor Bios

Guest Edi­tors: Nathalie Case­ma­jor and Will Straw
Edi­tor-in-Chief: Sheena Wil­son
Man­ag­ing Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bel­lamy
Eng­lish Sub­stan­tive and Copy Edi­tor: Shama Rang­wala
French Trans­la­tor and Copy Edi­tor: Ève Robidoux-Descary
Web Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bel­lamy
PDF Lay­out and Design: John Mon­tague
Trans­la­tor (Span­ish): Geral­dine Baran­di­aran
Fea­tured Image: Sonido Momis Music from San Miguel Teca neigh­bor­hood set­ting up audio and light­ing for the Mar­tin Car­rera neigh­bor­hood annu­al car­ni­val. Mar­tin Car­rera, Mex­i­co City. Feb­ru­ary, 2015.

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