New Research on East Germany: An Introduction
Marc Silberman, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Negotiating Memories of Everyday Life during the Wende
Maria Hetzer, Berlin

Beyond Domination: Socialism, Everyday Life in East German Housing Settlements, and New Directions in GDR Historiography
Eli Rubin, Western Michigan University

Adventures in Communism: Counterculture and Camp in East Berlin
Jake P. Smith, University of Chicago

Archives for the Future: Thomas Heise’s Visual Historiography
Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Whose East German Art is This? The Politics of Reception after 1989
April Eisman, Iowa State University

The “Gentle Lie”: Women and the GDR Medical System in Film and Literature
Sonja E. Klocke, University of Wisconsin – Madison

It Tastes like the East…: The Problem of Taste in the GDR
Alice Weinreb, Loyola University Chicago

Troubled Faces: The Melancholy Passion of Anna Seghers’s Die Entscheidung
Benjamin Robinson, Indiana University

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