This special issue edited by Angela Kölling will include papers and visual representations that stimulate the expansion of traditional text-focused approaches to literary and non-literary translation by encouraging engagement and conversation with formal and informal knowledge stemming from visual anthropology, book history, museum studies, photo-journalism, curation and curators, business ethnography, print culture including publishers, cover designers, typography and the visual arts.  Visibility and Translation thus aims to document and explore the relationship between visibility and translation as a multi-modal platform for the negotiation of semio-political, aesthetic, and economic sensibilities. In so doing we aim to bring into focus the need for visual literacy in the context of a meta-discourse that, in a knowledge industry in which images are increasingly becoming important to generate and communicate ideas, wants to make translation more visible to the public and improve its recognition as a professional and academic field.

This issue will investigate the visibility of translation as it is embodied and delivered in the cultural industries.

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