Jahrhundertschritt by Wolfgang Mattheuer © Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (IMAGE 14) – Click Image to Continue

Gleichschritt und eigener Weg, Hitlergruß und Proletarierfaust,
Militarismus und Widerstand, Diktatur und Freiheit
– ein Rückblick auf das 20. Jahrhundert. (Mattheuer 1)

[Step of a century
Marching and individual pace, Hitler sign and proletarian fist,
Militarism and opposition, dictatorship and freedom –
Looking back on the twentieth century.]

What is left of the liberated woman in German discourses of 1989 relating to embodied quotidian experience? Discussions of socialist politics of the body regarding the everyday remain infrequent and often limited to exploring nudist practices as an exotic but widespread phenomenon in the GDR. Nudist practices often signal a point of reference for cultural differences between East and West and symbolize generally a different image of women in GDR society—the liberated woman.