Guest Editors: Dr. Reisa Klein, Dr. Gabrielle M. Siegers, Dr. Dorothy Woodman


Erotic. Maternal. Cultural. Symbolic. Medical.

What are breasts? How are they imagined? And who gets to decide?

Let’s open up the discussion.

This special open access journal issue on Reimaging Breasts, focuses on visual representations in order to unsettle conventional ideas about breasts, which are often conceived in medicalized, objectified, sexualized, maternal, colonial and heteronormative terms. It will explore resistant and subversive voices and images where breasts are not just biological body parts, but where their presence or absence can disrupt medical, social, cultural, political and/or economic norms and practices.

We offer an open platform to discuss visual imagings of breasts and invite submissions from medical sciences and the humanities, as well as artistic and creative communities. Those working in cultural studies, media and communication studies, digital humanities, feminist and queer theories, decolonizing methodologies, intersectionality, gynecology, oncology, plastic surgery, medical humanities and more are welcome to generate robust and surprising relationships and imaginings. We anticipate that these interdisciplinary exchanges will be as fluid, leaky, nurturing, erotic and libidinal as the breast itself.