Guest Edi­tors: Dr. Reisa Klein, Dr. Gabrielle M. Siegers, Dr. Dorothy Woodman


Erot­ic. Mater­nal. Cul­tur­al. Sym­bol­ic. Medical.

What are breasts? How are they imag­ined? And who gets to decide?

Let’s open up the discussion.

This spe­cial open access jour­nal issue on Reimag­ing Breasts, focus­es on visu­al rep­re­sen­ta­tions in order to unset­tle con­ven­tion­al ideas about breasts, which are often con­ceived in med­ical­ized, objec­ti­fied, sex­u­al­ized, mater­nal, colo­nial and het­ero­nor­ma­tive terms. It will explore resis­tant and sub­ver­sive voic­es and images where breasts are not just bio­log­i­cal body parts, but where their pres­ence or absence can dis­rupt med­ical, social, cul­tur­al, polit­i­cal and/or eco­nom­ic norms and practices.

We offer an open plat­form to dis­cuss visu­al imag­ings of breasts and invite sub­mis­sions from med­ical sci­ences and the human­i­ties, as well as artis­tic and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties. Those work­ing in cul­tur­al stud­ies, media and com­mu­ni­ca­tion stud­ies, dig­i­tal human­i­ties, fem­i­nist and queer the­o­ries, decol­o­niz­ing method­olo­gies, inter­sec­tion­al­i­ty, gyne­col­o­gy, oncol­o­gy, plas­tic surgery, med­ical human­i­ties and more are wel­come to gen­er­ate robust and sur­pris­ing rela­tion­ships and imag­in­ings. We antic­i­pate that these inter­dis­ci­pli­nary exchanges will be as flu­id, leaky, nur­tur­ing, erot­ic and libid­i­nal as the breast itself.