12-2 | Massive Micro Sensemaking

Guest Editors: Mary Elizabeth Luka, Annette N. Markham, Dan Harris

12-1 | Structures of Anticipation

Guest Editors: Yoke-Sum Wong, Karen Engle, Craig Campbell


Research-Creation at the Intersection of Vaccine Science and Global Health Policy

Guest Editor Natalie Loveless

11-1 | ReImaging Breasts

Guest Editors: Reisa Klein, Gabrielle M. Siegers and Dorothy Woodman

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9 – 2 | Contributor Bios

Table of Contents | PDF Contributors Katrina Sark teaches Cultural Studies, Gender and Media Studies, and Germanic and Slavic Stud...

The Canadian Fashion Scholars Network

Table of Contents | http://dx.doi.org/10.17742/IMAGE.FCM.9.2.2 | PDF The Canadian Fashion Scholars Network Katrina Sark Studyin...

7-1 | North By West

Guest Editors: Andriko Lozowy and Kyler Zeleny


Guest Editors: Sheena Wilson and Andrew Pendakis